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Akinade Ojemakinde is graduating with a B.S. in Biology in Spring 2018.

Researchers have found a new way to get drugs and genes through cell membranes.

Research team designs new DNA nanotech platform for cell sorting

A near-infrared light, similar to that of a TV remote, combines with gold nano-particles to flip a gene switch in T-cells

Funding designed to develop tools and technologies to support Human Cell Atlas and enable new collaborations among scientists, physicians, and engineers

Dahlman recognized for excellence in teaching

International Symposium on Medical Robotics debuts at Georgia Tech; Jaydev Desai receives $3 million NIH R01 grant for a collaborative project

Flavio Fenton and Raquel Lieberman are joint recipients of the 2018 Faculty Award for Academic Outreach.

Georgia Tech researcher working on a better way to deliver therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease


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