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Metastasis virtually halted in human in vitro cultures via gold nanorod photothermal therapy

New undergraduate program builds on strength of research across campus, from neurons to behavior .

Public, private universities enjoy unique, longtime collaboration in biomedical research and academics

The Krone Engineered Biosystems Building gets its name from aerospace engineering graduate Roger A. Krone and his wife Helen B. Krone.

They store information and look like security gates, but change shape in a cascade

Annual gathering of regenerative medicine researchers looks to new opportunities

ECE Assistant Professor Fatih Sarioglu has received the 2017 Beckman Young Investigator Award for his project titled “All-Electronic Lab-on-a-Chip Platforms for High-Throughput Multi-Modal Cell Phenotyping.”

Four world class investigators join multidisciplinary research community at Georgia Tech

A new drug design strategy could boost the odds against developing antibiotic resistance.

DNA is the boss when it comes to the movement of molecules through its dense curls, beating out all other sources of motion.


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