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2017 class of Petit Undergraduate Research Scholars most diverse in program history

A frog's saliva changes three times in milliseconds as it snares food with its tongue.

Researchers have combined microgels with robust polymer networks to create a new repair material.

Petit Institute researcher elected to national honor society for physician-scientists

Petit Institute researcher elected as councilor in American Chemistry Society

Understanding the biophysical cues provided by pathogenic particles may help fine tune vaccines.

Emory interventional radiologists collaborating with Georgia Tech Capstone students

Using super-resolution imaging, a Georgia Tech research team has observed the molecular reorganizations involved in phagocytosis.

An electric buzz to the vagus can fight chronic inflammation -- this fine-tune makes it even better.


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Georgia Tech researchers investigate how molecular 'midwives gave birth to RNA
Common nanoparticle has subtle effects on oxidative stress genes
New lab-on-a-chip technology borrows technique used by cellular networks to track phones
Electronic intelligence tracking cells might allow inexpensive labs on a chip to conduct medical testing outside the confines of hospitals and clinics.
Georgia Tech researchers using cellphone principles to track cells being sorted on microfluidic chips.