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Five weeks in Barcelona adds visual dimension to grad student's research

A bacterial warrior the only one of its kind? This enzyme is "wacko" in the ways it breaks down a poison related to TNT.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and the Georgia Institute of Technology announced a $5 million grant from The Imlay Foundation to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for the development of pediatric therapies.

Petit Institute researcher in first cohort to receive new award for early-career scientists

For two decades, geneticists have been using computer simulations to reconstruct genes and proteins millions of years old. But do their algorithms really work? A new study says: Yes, and how!

Summer work experience helped prepare Petit Scholar for cutting edge lab research

Program offers trainees a wide-angled glimpse of biomedical career options

Eight interdisciplinary teams receive boost for research designed to harness the body’s own potential to heal

Ph.D. student developing novel diagnostic tool for anemia, testing it on himself

A highly interdisciplinary field that blends statistics, computing, algorithms, applied mathematics, and visualization, data science uses automated methods to gather and extract knowledge from very large or complex sets of data.


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Georgia Tech researchers describe peculiar ‘active material’ ability of fire ants in new paper.
Petit Institute founding director to be honored for pioneering leadership at World Stem Cell Summit
Georgia Tech researchers discover ants’ ability to simultaneously assume solid and liquid attributes.
Georgia Tech researchers want to manipulate your mouth to do something extraordinary: grow teeth!
Petit Institute faculty member Andreas Bommarius receives portion of grant aimed at biocatalysis
If humans were bony fish, we could regrow lost teeth. A Georgia Tech research team is taking a closer look.
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WSB-TV features Petit Institute researcher Susan Thomas and her cutting edge nanotechnology research.