Seed Grants

Designed to stimulate interdiscilinary research between world-class researchers, the Petit Institute proudly supports three seed grant programs that provide funding opportunities that serve as a catalyst for bio-related breakthroughs.


Petit Institute Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grant Program

 The goal of the Petit Institute Seed Grant Program is to stimulate new interdisciplinary research collaborations between Petit Institute investigators.  Priority will be given to teams with two co-principal investigators from two different Georgia Tech colleges who have not previously worked together (no funded grants or publications together previously) and both must be primary Petit Institute faculty members.  Primary Petit Institute faculty members are those who hold regular appointments at Georgia Tech. Learn more


Center for Regenerative Engineering and Medicine (REM) Seed Grant

This funding mechanism is intended to stimulate new, collaborative research in regenerative medicine among Georgia Tech, Emory University, and UGA investigators. The seed grant team must have a minimum of two investigators and must have an equal partnership of faculty from two of the participating institutions with budgets split between the universities as equally as possible.


Dr. J. David Allen Seed Grant

In 2017, J. David Allen announced a $1 million gift that would be disbursed over a 10-year period, to the Georgia Research Alliance to advance cell-manufacturing related research and development at Emory, Georgia Tech, and UGA. The gift creates a unique partnership designed to accelerate collaboration, stimulate innovation, and help establish Georgia as a leader in cellular manufacturing.