March was Medical Robotics Month

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Steve Cross, Georgia Tech's executive vice president for research, and Jaydev Desai, Petit Institute researcher and Coulter Department professor, meet at the inaugural International Symposium for Medical Robotics.

Jon Lewin, who delivered a well-received keynote address at the symposium, is executive vice president for health affairs at Emory University; president, CEO, and chairman of the board of Emory Healthcare, and executive director of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center.

A long line of researchers waits their turn at the podium during rapid fire presentations.

John Oshinski, a researcher with the Petit Institute and associate professor in the Coulter Department, delivers his presentation at the symposium.

The first International Symposium for Medical Robotics drew a crowd of thought leaders from around the world.

A presenter at the symposium makes last minute preparations among the posters in the halls of the Historic Academy of Medicine at Georgia Tech.