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Petit Institute researchers developing new technologies to battle cancer

Coulter Department/Petit Institute researcher building a case against chief suspect in devastating disease

Ubiquitous mineral promotes formation of long peptides, study shows.

Celltrion signs an “incubation” agreement

With support from Georgia Tech, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta placed 3D-printed tracheal splints in a pediatric patient.

Engineers are developing methods for decoding the conversation

Mays High School senior Brianna Jones featured in Google Science Fair story

Undergraduate students from around the United States spent their summer learning about cell manufacturing.

Georgia Tech one of first universities in the nation to embark on diversity-building STEM education program

The biophysicist/pianist in Sam Brown’s lab wins Episode 3 quiz.


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Georgia Tech and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta team up on 3D printed tracheal splints
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Georgia Tech researchers may have made headway in helping determine the origin of life
Wearable robot arms and head: New "telepresence" system could prove useful for training and rehab
New study led by Georgia Tech suggests nitrous oxide may have played key role in breath of life
From ASME: Georgia Tech researchers develop robot that can help people get dresse
Don’t laugh: Laughing gas may have played a significant role in warming early Earth
Petit Institute researcher Julie Champion weighs in on the future of chemical engineering
From the lab of Jennifer Glass: Laughing gas may have given life a boost on our planet