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Santangelo lab makes startling discovery in research of common, widespread virus.

The fight to discover HDL cocktails that actually work against atherosclerosis, the #1 killer of our times, receives major funding.

Georgia Tech wins NIH grant to develop new wave of ImmunoEngineers

Her research seeks to identify optimal treatments for the rehabilitation of balance impairments using neuromechanical approaches

Seed Grants awarded to eight interdisciplinary teams from Georgia Tech, Emory, and UGA

The Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Alliance has received a $51 million NIH grant

Jordan lab teams with university in Uganda to build research capacity in Africa

Will study metabolic features predictive of tumor response in head and neck cancers

Researchers are interested in the strategies creatures have developed to overcome the challenges of moving though their environments.

Inaugural event at Petit Institute puts innovative, homegrown businesses in the spotlight


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Petit Institute researchers from UGA and Georgia Tech develop substance to treat traumatic brain injuries
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Synthetic cartilage pioneered at Georgia Tech, made in Alpharetta now used in implants
Petit Institute researchers Jennifer Glass and Frank Stewart weigh in on what purple can tell us about life on Earth and other planets
How fire ants manage to build 'Eifel Tower'-like structures using their own bodies
Microneedle patch developed by Georgia Tech and Emory is not your typical flu shot -- it's painless
Constructive fire ants continue to grab the attention of Georgia Tech researchers
Georgia Tech and Emory researchers develop bandaid-like patch to replace flu shot
Next best thing to a home escalator: Can be used on existing staircases for the mobility impaired
Tech researchers explain why ants are so good at building complex structures to escape trouble